DMAA logo       DMAA Safety Rules
  1. The AMA Safety Code is in effect at ALL TIMES.
  2. There will be NO driving on the designated flying surface.
  3. Pit in designated areas only.
  4. Only the pilot and mechanic are allowed within the 80' safety circle. If no circle exists, it is the pilot' obligation to identify the safety area that shall be NO closer then 100' from the center of the flight circle.
  5. It is strongly recommended that you not fly alone.
  6. Children are NOT permitted beyond the spectator area unless under the direct supervision of an adult.
  7. Control line equipment shall be inspected before the initial flight each day.
  8. Flight operations will stop during electrical storms.
  9. Models will fly only in predesignated areas.
  10. Safety net MUST be erected prior to speed flying.
  1. The AMA SAFETY CODE is in effect at ALL TIMES.
  2. Testing of engines is to be performed in specific designated areas.
  3. Shelters may not be used as a pit area.
  4. The AMA Safety Code will be displayed when the field is open for flying.
  5. Compliance to these safety rules is the responsibility of each participant.
  6. It is strongly recommended that you not fly alone.
  7. First aid kits are to be carried by designated members.
  8. All non-participants must be behind barrier during Control Line Speed flying.
  9. Alcohol consumption is NOT allowed prior to, or during flight operations.
  10. Flight operations are allowed from designated circles only.
  11. Failure to obey rules can result in loss of flying privileges.
  12. Please pick up all litter.
  13. Members and Guests shall conduct themselves in a civil and sportsmanlike manner at all times.

If an emergency occurs on site, contact AMA HQ as soon as possible @ (765) 287-1256


City Hospital at White Rock


9440 Poppy Dr, Dallas, TX. 75218

N.W. Highway to Garland Road / Right on Garland Road / In about 3 miles, right on N. Buckner Blvd (Hwy 12) / Hospital immediately on the left, Poppy Drive is first light / Left into emergency room entrance.


Emergency: 911



Sonic Drive-In